Why I had to let you go – Poem

Memories form a cloud
Upon a sky of grey
A dark and depressing sight to see
Upon this very day

Our hands were once together
A unity from within
Unbreakable until the end
I thought that love would win

In each others arms forever
Entwined within the heart
The roots of hope deep within
We could never be apart

Yet that was my contentment
I knew you wanted more
My world of pure happiness
Was too small to explore

A year or so past quickly
Seems so distant in our past
You tried to change just who I am
From the angel of the past

The bed is cold and empty
Just an echo of your voice
The laughter swept into the wind
I’m the victim of my choice

In time I hope you realise
The pain I felt inside
Knowing you wanted more than me
A river I have cried

They say the truest sign of love
Is being together until the end
But often real means letting go
So the heart can mend

On what was once our special day
I always think of you
Setting you free to be yourself
Was the best that I could do


  1. Keith Wright

    Hi Dean,

    I saw you today on Juno Cristi’s website ~ what a truly beautiful person.

    I love the above poem, some incredible lines, which pull at the heart (takes me back).

    We are currently seeking a few more Impressions of Love for our forthcoming book, the story of which is available on the Love is FB LIKE page, click About. We would love to include the above poem, you can join others like Juno in bringing this dream to reality.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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  3. Dipti

    Just a beautifully knitted poem. Goes to speak volumes about a wounded and BIG heart..Aint that easy to let go but at times you have to..Love aint about keeping or holding back always…

    Loved it since it relates !

    Much love ~

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