Did Hitler escape to Argentina to become Father Crespi?

Found a rather interesting article on the possibility that Hitler survived WWII and escaped to South America. Here is an extract, makes interesting reading.

“A bone fragment believed to be part of Adolf Hitler’s skull has been revealed as being that of an unidentified woman, US scientists have said.

The section of bone – marked with a bullet hole – was used to support the theory that Hitler shot himself.

Russian scientists said the skull piece was found alongside Hitler’s jawbone and had put it on display in Moscow.

But US scientists said DNA tests revealed it belonged to a woman aged between 20 and 40.

An archeologist from the University of Connecticut traveled to Moscow, where the fragment has been on show in the city’s federal archive since 2000, to take a sample.
Nick Bellantoni said he had suspected even before the bone was tested that the fragment did not come from an adult male.

“The bone was very small and thin, and normally male bones are much more robust in our species,” he said.

“I thought it probably came from a woman or a younger man.”

DNA tests confirmed that the bone fragment came from a female.

Doubts about exactly how Hitler died have persisted for decades.

Russian officials said that the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun – who reportedly committed suicide in a Berlin bunker in 1945 – were removed from a shell crater shortly after they died.

The piece of skull forms part of a collection that also includes a section of a bloodstained sofa where Hitler is believed to have shot himself after swallowing a cyanide pill.

There is also a very popular rumor that Hitler was the famous Argentine art collector Father Crespi (Or Krespi)

World War II had ended. A former Nazi Intelligence Officer named Magda Zeitfeld had offered her services to the United States Government. She had arraigned her surrender to Col. Kevin Stapleford, who was then one of the highest-ranking members of the OSS (Allied Intelligence)

Magda’s father was a pioneer in the use of implanted facial prosthetics and had operated the largest plastic surgery clinic in Germany. This clinic had received much of its financing from the Nazi Government. Magda’s father had made sure that both she and her brother completed medical school, and were both to become highly involved in the family-run clinic. All three were accredited plastic surgeons.

As war broke out, Magda had been commissioned in the German Army and had been assigned to German Intelligence, working, according to her, with the SS. After her surrender, she told Allied Intelligence of an incident that occurred in the fall of 1943. She spoke of three high-level Nazi officials that were brought into her father’s clinic under conditions of extreme secrecy and security.

Her father and her brother were instructed to alter the appearance of these three men. No means of identification were ever given to Magda’s father, and no records were to be kept of the procedure that he was about to conduct. The men were kept from view of the staff as much as possible, and their heads were covered with hoods and bandages. Only at the time of surgery would Magda’s father and brother be allowed to see the faces of these men.

Magda claims that her father was required to come up with drawings of possible changes that could be made to these men’s faces, and she aided her father with the drawings. She reported that these men choose to have their faces altered to have exaggerated Semitic features.

A schedule was given to the doctor, which detailed a timeframe for when the surgery and necessary healing time had to be completed. Magda claimed that she and her family had gathered bits and pieces of information which indicated the men were to board a submarine in Bremerhaven after the healing was complete.

When the surgery was complete, and the need time for healing was reached, the men were removed with just as much secrecy and security as there was on their arrival.

Magda claims, that unknown to the SS, she and her family had been well aware of who two of these men were. She told Allied Intelligence that one of the men was Adolf Hitler, another was Martin Borman, and they did not know who the third man was.

Magda was well acquainted with Hitler. She had supervised a program, which altered the appearance of four men to look like Hitler. Some of the work had been performed in her family’s clinic.

Magda claimed that the four men all had the same height and build as Hitler, and through the use of implants and various surgical procedures, had their facial features altered to look like Hitler. These men were then instructed on movement as well as speech patterns. They mastered his distinctive walk as well as mannerisms. And they mastered his soft-spoken conversational speaking style. But none could be taught to mimic his public speaking style and voice. Thus, these doubles could only be used for private meetings and appearances where Hitler would not be expected to carry on much interaction with those in attendance.

In point of fact, Hitler never gave a public speech after the fall of 1943. Also, it is known that much of his personal staff were re-assigned in the fall of 1943 as well.

Another interesting fact is that two weeks after the three men left the clinic, the SS conducted a raid. During this raid, the entire staff including Magda’s father and her brother was brutally killed, and the clinic was burned to the ground. All records were burned with the clinic.

It is known that during the last year of the war, Hitler’s medical records were destroyed, and all the doctors who had seen him mysteriously vanished. The single exception was a young dental assistant who was called in to assist a dentist with cleaning Hitler’s teeth two times.

She was later captured by the Russian Army and made to make a drawing of Hitler’s teeth so the Russians could match the charred remains they found in the Berlin bunker with her drawing since no authentic dental records could be found. After days of torture, she still had only a vague memory of the actual teeth of Hitler, but the Russians decided that it was a match. Stalin was never convinced but could not allow the world to think that Hitler had escaped the Russian Army.

In 1981, a retired US Army Colonel named Wendell Stephens made a trip to Ecuador. During his trip, he met a priest in a small town called Cuenca. The priest was named Father Krespi, and Col. Stephens was convinced he was, in fact, Adolf Hitler. He could not get people to listen to his claims that this priest was, in fact, Hitler. He examined thousands of Hitler photos and was more and more concerned he has found Hitler. He even described priceless artwork that Father Krespi had in his secluded home in the mountains of Ecuador. But nobody would listen to his claims.

After her surrender at wars end, Magda had eventually married US Army Col Kevin Stapleford, the very man she had surrendered to. Col Stapleford had also known Col Stephens. In 1981, Stapleford had passed away, and Stephens made a visit to his widow Magda. During his visit, he explained his meeting with Father Krespi and his suspicions, and convinced Magda to accompany him to visit Father Krespi and confirm or deny his suspicions.

When Magda met Krespi, she too was sure it was, in fact, Hitler. He had the same features she had helped her father sketch out all those years ago. And she also was convinced by a specific piece of art that the Father had. She knew it as the same piece of art that had been a favorite of Hitler’s. It had hung behind him at his Reich Chancellery Office; there was no mistake.

Father Krespi’s background is also mysterious and does, in fact, go along with Magda’s accounts of what happened. Krespi claims he is from an Italian/Austrian family in Northern Italy. He came to the Vatican in fall of 1943. There, he attended seminary and served as a Novitiate. Later, he was ordained into the priesthood. All this was behind the closed walls of the Vatican.

Unheard at the time, and has never been repeated since. He never set foot outside of Vatican City, a city with the status and diplomatic immunity of a sovereign nation. Krespi was given a position as Curator of Art for the Vatican Achieves, a position far above his humble rank as Novitiate.

His position made him responsible for cataloging a collection of art worth billions of dollars. He would also have been in a position to receive priceless art collections, similar to those that had been looted by the Nazis and somehow fell into the hands of the Vatican after the war.

Krespi spoke fluent Italian with a perfect accent. Magda later pointed out the fact that Hitler’s mother was from Northern Italy and spoke Italian as her first language. Hitler himself learned Italian as his first language and spoke Italian almost always in Italian until he was around 12 years old. He would even revert to Italian when he was angry, and never used an interpreter when he met with Mussolini.

In 1956, Krespi was sent as a priest to the town of Cuence in Ecuador. A town is known to Nazis Hunters as a hideout of Martin Borman and other high-level Nazis that had escaped Germany. There, he lived a reclusive life as village priest and reportedly gave money to every member of his congregation at the conclusion of services. He also reportedly paid the villagers to protect his mission. Villagers say German men often visited him.

In 1993, Father Krespi died, reportedly at the age of 90. More than 2000 people attended his funeral, which was marked with ceremony rivaling that of a King. He was laid to rest in a white marble sepulcher, which is still reported to be cleaned weekly, and adorned with flowers constantly, all paid for by anonymous admirers.

After his passing, some interesting things were discovered about him. He left behind millions of dollars worth of artwork. Magda and others later identified much of this artwork as belonging to the private collection of Adolf Hitler. Hitler was a known collector of art, and most of his private collection was never found after the war. Witnesses say that soon after the funeral on May 16, 1993, two cargo jets were loaded with Father Krespi’s art collection and departed. It has never been seen again.

The Chief of Police for the town of Cuence reported that what he termed as “teams of European men” invaded the small town the day before the funeral. Several attendees of the funeral were German, and had armed escorts.

Is it possible that the evilest man in the history of the world escaped justice and posed as a man of God for 40 years? We may never know, but it is something to think about…

(Article extract from BBC & A.M. Pretty II)


Father Crespi


WOW!. Almost 2000 hits to this entry. I never thought it would be the most popular entry on my blog. I have received many questions about this blog so will try to answer in a few bullet points.

1.These are my views on a blog post that I quoted (and put the original writers on)
2.No, I do not believe that Hitler and Father Krespi are the same
3. Yes, I do believe Hitler died in 1945.

This blog was just to raise a possible alternative to what happened to the evilest man in history.


  1. dg

    It is hitler, he was allowed to escape as part of a secret agreement in exchange for advanced technology and research, its was part of a US agreement that saw over 28 thousand nazis being given USA citizenship. George bushes grandfather being one of them.

  2. mindtpi

    Hitlers mother wasn’t Italian – she was born in the Austrian village of Spital, Weitra, it’s next to the Czech Republic, not Italy

  3. Barry

    Several color photographs clearly show Hitler had very deep blue eye color. The Italian priest in this video seems to have dark brown, nearly black eyes. Unless he was wearing some 30 years before their time contact lenses he cannot be Hitler.

  4. Dan

    Father Krespi died in 1982.
    I recommand a great book with plenty of detailed pictures comparing Hitler with Krespi. It’s real amazing ! The author gives interesting facts that will make you seriously think about. The book is in french but it is realy worth it !
    you can buy it here : http://blur.by/1fyMiLN

  5. Debbie Mora

    Hi! I would like if someone has the links of bibliography of the article extract (about the BBC and A.M Pretty II). I live in Ecuador, where Father Crespi kept his collection, and here we don’t have any sources linking Crespi with Hitler. I’m doing a project in my university about this topic and I really need some reliable sources. Thanks so much!

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