Witch Hunt (Poem based on Millers The Crucible)

Watching over Betty
Eyes open and glazed
A lifeless form so beautiful
So still I am amazed
What callous person did this?
They say she simply fell
Yet somehow she is trapped
In eternal evil spell
Faith will bring her back
A simple wishful prayer
Yet I do not blame Tituba
I simply do not care

Has Proctor been to Salem?
Or is it just a tale?
Will he ever swear the truth?
About poor young Abigail
She’s messing with poor Proctor
Is now inside his head
Twisted lies of witchcraft
Entwined evil in bed
Remember all the goodness
Think back remember when
Reminder of adultery
Upon Commandment ten

Silence in the courtroom
Shattered by a voice
”Reaching out for the land!”
Yet there is no rejoice
All doubts are cast aside
If a wife is free
No more doubting any girl
Or insane jealousy
Yet now the girls are freezing!
The secret finally out
Abigail is Proctors whore
Amidst the cries and shout

Proctors going nowhere
Chained for evermore
Abigail set sail last night
A distant speck from shore
Admit yourselves to witchcraft
One last chance to forgive
Or is your life so worthless
That you cannot live?
Alas a signed confession
Torn apart in two
Yet off you to hang this day
Upon a sky of blue

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