What became of Rebecca De Ruvo?

rebecca de ruvo

It’s odd sometimes to have a random flashback to our youth. But that happened to me today.

I was looking out of the window when someone walked past that instantly threw me back to the hey days of MTV in the 1990’s. For a split second, I could not recall the person’s name but then it hit me.

Rebecca De Ruvo!

The Swedish MTV presenter who myself and many friends would watch with a smile on our faces. One thing I did like about De Ruvo was that she was actually more than just a good looking TV presenter; she did have a brilliant way of presenting.

Not sure if it was her, in fact I am certain it wasn’t, but it really has given me thought for a new character for my screenplay!

What did ever happen to Rebecca de Ruvo?


  1. Post

    Wow! This is now the second most visited blog entry here. I still have no idea what happened to Rebecca De Ruvo. But one this is obvious, She has a LOT of fans.

  2. Jenny

    Rebecca de Ruvo actually signed a record deal with Arista /BMG in the UK around 1994, and recorded an album. From the album, ”I Caught You Out” was released in the Autumn of 1994. The video was featured on MTV, but despite this exposure, it was a big failure, stalling at #72. Probably as a result of this, Arista never released De Ruvo’s album. I, for one, bought the single and loved it. I still do! She has fierce vocals! I was gutted when her album was shelved. I reckon it’s around in the Arista archives somewhere. Someone must have access to it. I wish they’d ‘leak’ the album!!

    The following is a link to De Ruvo’s http://www.discogs.com profile, with links to buy the single. http://www.discogs.com/artist/Rebecca+De+Ruvo. There, it also transpires that De Ruvo released a duet with Joe McGann called ”Ain’t No Sunshine” (which may or may not be a cover of the Bill Withers track). There is also a bonus track, though it’s not clear if this is by De Ruvo, McGann, or both. Rebecca also was in a short-lived band in 1997, called Breaker, apparently. Rebecca, if you are reading this, get in touch! And fill us all in on your music career, and especially the missing solo album etc!! I’m a HUGE fan of your music! xx

    PS The video to ”I Caught You Out” is on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_LnjmdbjMs

  3. Dushan Radin

    I grew up watching her on MTV.In fact she is the reason why i was watching it in the first place! Like many from around me she was our reason to even get out of bed,in this country.

    1. Post

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