Rebirth from the darkness (New Poem)

A self-proclaimed victory
In silhouetted dance
The deadly blow to finish me
Not a final chance

The song you sing is deafening
Shout of on control
You feel the life is gone from me
Cannot see my soul

For my heart is breathing
I’m one step ahead of time
Arrogance of innocence
Was not the perfect crime

The fire inside was burning
Flames danced to the tune
Waves of boredom smashed into the shore
Then I set fire to the moon

Whispers sent into the wind
Became the beating of the drum
The rhythm of life’s symphony
Freedom had begun

For I have not yet vanished
I did not disappear
When you think I’m dead and gone
My face will re-appear

Ashes they are scattered
They gather in the breeze
Generate into a mass
That even time can’t freeze

Savour all these moments
Live life like you won
For the time of reawakening
Has only just begun

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