My Eternal Addiction

I gaze into the mirror
Unfamiliar sight looks back at me
Where did you go, old friend?
An unknown reality

Pain rips through my soul
Darkness creeps within
An addiction born from me
My intimate sin

Darkened eyes glazed over
Peering from the cage
Piercing stares that shatter the truth
A vision born from rage

Remembrance of the pain I hold
An internal raised affliction
It feeds the anger within my soul
My immortal addiction

Do not put your trust in me
For you will never learn
All your hope you feel for me
I’ll set on fire and burn

My dearest friends
You give me love and affection
Yet you cannot pierce a darkened soul
The end is my rejection

Only I can save myself
So please just let me be
This is the path I walk
For all eternity

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