Mcdonalds Map of the USA

This map plots the 13,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the USA. The ‘McMap’ is the brainchild of American blogger Stephen Von Worley.

He has even pinpointed the ‘McFarthest Spot’ in the US.

This is the area of America furthest away from the nearest McDonald’s.

According the map it lies somewhere in the state of South Dakota with the closest restaurant lying 145 miles away.

In the day where obesity is one of the highest causes of death in the States and latest statistics show that 80% of US Children are obese this image is a shocking reminder to parents that it is essential their children are given a healthy diet.

Maybe it was my high metabolism as a child or the fact that I was not part of the “Console Generation”, but if I were a parent I would place my child’s health as the priority in their life.

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