Beyond Stockholm

Sweden is a beautiful country; I have been fortunate to live here for almost four years now. My first two years were in a Norrköping and for the last two, I have lived in Stockholm.

I first fell in love with Sweden when I came here in 1996 for the first time and in 2012 decided that I had one more move left in me before settling down. The one thing that I have learned in Sweden is that no matter how much you think you know about this country there is always some beautiful part waiting to be discovered. Regardless of seasons, this land holds magical memories waiting to be discovered.

One thing that I always hated about living in the UK is when I would read travellers reviews basing the entire country on a visit to London. London is not the UK, just as Stockholm is not Sweden.

Sweden is a vast country in size, almost twice as big as the UK. But with a population of just nine million compared to fifty-nine million in the UK there are ample opportunities to escape life and be in the countryside.

Sweden, to many, is a beautiful utopia of islands in the Archipelago, yet it contains some magical beaches that spread for miles, a kaleidoscope of forests, hidden bays and some incredible mountains in the north for Skiing.

So to look beyond the beauty of Stockholm, I thought I would share some travel experiences that I have encountered in the last three years.

First, stop is Angeholm, a beautiful city in the west of Sweden residing in Skåne. Further north than the larger cities of Malmö and Helsingborg, Angelholm is host to one of the most beautiful beaches in Sweden. Klitterhus beach was found upon by chance on a road trip a few months after I moved here. It was in April, the winter was coming to an end, and the sun was beginning to peak into the world once more.



It was warm enough to go for a walk; the beach was empty, but I could picture its business in the summer. A beach that was almost 8km in length it was something that blew my mind about Sweden. I had only been to cities before, so to this beautiful beach was paradise. It was serene as most of the cafes and restaurants that would have been busy during the summer were closed. But I could see that there would have been many memories to cherish and enjoy here.

Another beautiful place to visit is Sundsvall. This historic gem of a city is located in Västernorrlands. I had the fortune to visit here in both winter and summer. A city that sits in-between sprawling hills it is a winter wonderland when cold and a beautiful harbour city in summer. A five-hundred-year-old city that has been rebuilt four times from being burned by fire. It thrives on its industrial heritage and its heart beats proud. Scenic, serene and now safely built by stone!



One place I enjoy visited in the summer was Söderköping. It is a lovely small town in Östergotland. A beautiful canal runs through the middle of the city. The history of the town dates back to the 13th century. Beautiful architecture runs through the city and on the instance where the weather is sunny then you will be in a real beautiful part of Sweden.


Finally, I would not finish a tour guide without mentioning the beauty of Gotland and Öland.

Two islands off the East Coast they are the two places where Swedes like to visit each summer. Gotland is the more popular of the two, but Oland is equally a perfect escape also. Gotland is the largest Island in Sweden, sprawling beauty and a hive of popularity in the summer. Visby is a beautiful city to visit and the island hosts some of Sweden’s most fantastic scenery.




Sweden is a country full of beauty in all seasons; there are many beautiful places to explore, some of which I am yet to find. From north to south, east to west it is a sprawling landscape forever beautiful.

Come to Sweden you honestly will not regret it!

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