About Me

This website is about the world I live in, my personal thoughts, observations and opinions on life the universe and everything.


My website is a snapshot of creativity, thoughts on life, a showcase of poetry and a link to who I am.

Don’t take all you read so seriously and above all enjoy!


  1. Carenza LaRue

    Hey Dean…

    I discovered your site after googling for a poem about a phoenix , I want ed one on my wall on FB.
    I really really liked yours…..so I stole it from you. Hope you don’t mind….I mentioned your name and I liked your site on Facebook, so I hope it’s good advertisement for you.
    You have great style and just wanted to let you know…


  2. Post
  3. Marcus

    Hejsan Dean!
    have you been any to the northern part of sweden?
    i live in Bollnäs, Hälsingland, and would like to share my favorite picture i took this summer.
    After climbing a tiny mountain to a 5meter high tower, i got this wonderful view over where i live.

    i do like winter but i must say i’m glad summer is coming!
    as Orienteering is my favorite sport.
    not to mention swimming in the lakes and go fishing!!


  4. Post

    Hi Marcus!

    I have been to Sundsvall and Lulea that is about far north as I have gone! That is a great picture! Makes me long for Summer 🙂

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